The story of USA-IRANIAN relationships goes deeper than assassination of General Suleimani. Their troubled relations predate the regime of Ayatollahs, when the Iranian Savak Security Services loyal to then the Shah and CIA reigned acts of terror and repression against the ordinary Iranians. Hatred to America and revenge were cemented in the minds of all Iranians since then.

Secondly, USA don’t tolerate any independence policy by any developing country. The core of USA problem with Iran rests on the pursuit of independent policy by Ayatollahs.

Thirdly, the USA policy in the Middle East is shaped by Israel and Sunni Arab states, who are mostly anti-Iran for ideological reasons.

Fourth, USA and Western countries see Iran as a threat to their economic interests in the Middle East.

Fifth, Iran is located in geo-strategic part of the world with Russia and China.

Sixth, Iran is a Muslim power with ambitions for a detergent military might, including nuclear capabilities.

Seventh, Iran has coherent and long-term strategic objectives towards the Middle East as the hegemonic power to be in the Region and to become the dominant centre of the Islamic World. America and the West are resisting Iranian socio-economic and military ambitions.

Right now, USA punishing economic and financial sanctions on Iran is the fire to be extinguished first.

Finally, the Iranians are too shrewd politically to allow escalation of this current confrontation with President Trump. They have bigger objectives.

Under this circumstance, Somalis call it “Barortu urgiga ka weyn” ( it is a false pretext).


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