November 26, 2019

It was a recent gross violation of Federal resources sharing  by the Federal Government of Somalia and its denial of Puntland students’ fair share of scholarships and their rights to equal treatment and opportunities in education and employment. It is now an insult added to an injury, when their Egyptian teachers are also denied Entry Visa to return to their teaching posts in Qardho, Galkayo and Burtinle of Puntland.

How do you explain such wanted and unfathomable actions by the Government of Farmaajo other than silly and hateful measures to try to punish Puntland students for no any good reason other than keeping them hostage for undeclared Quid Pro Quo? Isn’t it the time to recall all so-called ineffective Puntland Representatives in Somalia’s Parliament?

It is now quite obvious to all that those Puntlanders in various branches of the Mogadishu Government represent no one except themselves. Don’t you recommend to the people of Puntland to consider firing them all in the next election?

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