September 8, 2019

Strongmen or dictators could appear in societies of laws and strong culture of liberal values, but not for long – at least they don’t leave behind respectable opportunities to their offsprings to inherit. Try to name a dictator whose kid had replaced his father politically in a nation of laws and free choice.

That is because dictators do more harm than good. No matter how benevolent one may claim they were, they had destroyed many good men and people of goodwill, perceived rightly or wrongly, to oppose the whims and wishes of dictators. Still, everyday you could meet people praising a particular dictator in the history of human kind. Whether it is Hitler, Stallin, Siyad Barre or Sayyid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan, there are a few people in the world still fond of good old days with a dictator.

It is a taugh debate to have with such sycophants, participants and parties to repressive regimes. There are still Neo-Nazis in the world. There are people in Somalia still singing “Aabo Siyaad”. What you don’t see, though, is any love or respect accorded to any living relative of a former dictator. Isn’t that true? Does that tell you something fundamental, that dictators don’t leave behind positive historical legacy to be proud of? How you could love your wife while you hate her kids? That is exactly the situation of the people praising “Aabo Siyaad” type of dictators today. They are still talking of “Kacaan” (revolution), not understanding that the word itself means violent overthrow of orderly society and suppression of human rights.

Now, when I hear the slogans in Somalia like N&N, I recall the legacy of the repressive regime that led to the total ruin of Somalia. We couldn’t dig it out of the deep hole. There is still a lot of hard work to do. The regime of N&N is not the right vehicle to ride towards better Somalia. A pity dictator denying basic rights to kids in schools in any part of the country will not lead Somalia to greener pastures tomorrow.


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