August 20, 2019

The main constitutional mandate of PUNTLAND Vice-president is to replace the State President in case and when he is incapacitated to carry on his/her duties to avoid a constitutional crisis or power vacuum.

All other duties of the vice-president in the Puntland Constitution are secondary. There is no clan-ticket or representation that gives the vice-president special or extra powers outside the constitution of the State.

The Constitution of PUNTLAND is exactly the same as that of the USA with regards to the Constitutional job descriptions of the Vice-president, who is in reality, a “Stand-by President” of the State (Baxtisuge Madaxweyne).

Often, the State President assigns or delegates him/her duties on behalf of the President and only upon the policies and instructions of the President. There is no loophole or ambiguity in PUNTLAND CONSTITUTION in that regard.

Puntland vice-president doesn’t have even to stay in Puntland to be called upon from outside the State to take over the Presidency in case the president is permanently incapacitated.




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