By WDM Staff Reporter

Bacaadweyn, Mudugh

August 10, 2019

Mohamud Farah Keesdiir is one of the prominent members of the Somali cimmunity in Zambia. He is one of those elders, who had fled the repression of the military regime of Somalia during the 1980s. He had settled in Zambia as a trucker and grew up to own a fleet of transport vehicles and other small businesses. As an elder, he was always at forefront to help his new immigrant countrymen in Zambia and beyond. He and his colleague businessmen also contributed to both the welfare and settlement of new comers in Zambia and throughout East Africa.

Mohamud Farah Geesdiir came to visit Puntland recently with the intention of attending his immediate family affairs, when he found himself in a dilapidated town of Bacaadweyn near Galkayo in Mudugh Region of Puntland. He was shocked to discover the town of five thousand residents had no police station, had its single police Nissan Hardbody pickup broken, petty criminals rampaged the town, terrorizing residents with nowhere to turn for help. There was no single room to keep a prisoner overnight. The town had no markets to sell goods – meat products and other perishable goods were sold in the open on the side walks, collecting dust and grains of sand, which resulted in sickness and food-poisoning among many of the Bacaadweyn residents. The security, safety of residents and basic hygiene of the town were abysmal and desperate.

That was the situation of Bacaadweyn before the appearance of the New Robin Hood, GEESDIIR, two months ago.The first job GEESDIIR did in Robin Hood style was to quickly erect a four-bedroom home for his poor and desperate relatives in town. He then turned to repair the broken police pickup. He had built a police compound of four room station. He is now moving to build two town marketplaces. But, the most important of all was that he had managed to mobilize youth and women in town to engage in community awareness and activities rarely seen in Puntland towns.

GEESDIIR is the New Robin Hood of Puntland. He has done what an average Puntlander could have never deamed of doing. He had captured the imagination and respect of the residents of BACAADWEYN. He had won the hearts and minds of the youth of Bacaadweyn and respect of all residents.

Congratulations to this great Patriot. He needs all our support.



Bacadweyn is a town in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia. It is mainly occupied in small-scale farming. It is administered by Puntland State. Secondary schools in the area include Ba’ad Weyn Secondary. Wikipedia
Elevation: 372 m
Weather: 27°C, Wind SW at 31 km/h, 52% Humidity
Local time: Saturday 08:37
District: Galkayo

CORRECTION: An early edition of this post incorrectly named Mohamud Farah Geesdiir.


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