Puntland, August 1, 2019
On the Anniversary Celebrations of PUNTLAND STATE OF SOMALIA,
21 years on, and PUNTLAND STATE is as stable as a rock while still being roughed up at ridges. Congratulations to all for making the State of PUNTLAND a staying power, pioneer and vanguard of Somali unity!
There are many things, privileges and benefits residents of Puntland take for granted, the most important of which are peace and freedom. For example, In many countries, a media outlet like this blog cannot and doesn’t exist, not to mention the absence of basic individual freedoms of their citizens.
21 years ago the community of Northeast Somalia had embarked upon the long and hard journey of reclaiming Somalia again after the First Republic had failed in 1991, thus Puntland had led the way to the historic foundation of 2nd Somali Republic, the Federal Republic of Somalia. What an achievement!
But, the Lotta continua. There is still a lot to do in regards to PUNTLAND STATE and Somalia. Let us keeping going forward, for when the going gets taugh, only the taugh keeps going.

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