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July 11, 2019

It has been only a few months ago since Warsame Digital Media WDM started media coverage of socio-political issues in Somalia. In just this short period of time, WDM is delighted to inform its readers that both the result of readers’ satisfaction and impact of the Blog on the decision-making processes by key players of Somalia’s political establishment have been a worthwhile effort.

WDM can confirm now that we have been receiving phone calls and notifications from government officials at Federal, State and City levels that their careers and thinking had been impacted by the Blog’s media coverage on issues in their respective area of endeavors one way or the other.

The blog is committed to further advance the cause of press freedom and unbiased coverage of all topics of interest to WDM readers. Please stay tuned and keep looking for forward to reading more thought-provoking stories and unfearful critical analysis of socio-economic issues of Somalia and sub-region shaping lives and livelihoods in the Horn of Africa during these troublesome times.

In this regard, the support of our readers through WDM annual subscriptions and donations would make a significant difference.

Thank you,

Chief editor

Ismail Warsame





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