Garowe, May 5, 2019 – Ramadan Karim to all Muslims and friends of Muslims the world over. Happy fasting, friends!

Now that Garowe Meeting between leaders of the Somali Federal Government and federal constituent states is in progress after President Farmaajo had finally showed up in Garowe early evening on Saturday, expectation of a breakthrough in negotiations is modest, but hopefully possible as it is highly desirable.
What are the sticking points? They are several, among others:
  1. Resistance to the real and perceived current FGS policy of regime change in Galmudugh and Jubaland
  2. Opposition to FGS leaders unilateral attempt to design their own 2020 Electoral Modality with little or no any inputs from other key stakesholders
  3. Unsatisfactory work and never ending Federal Constitutional Review.


    4. Resources sharing between Federal Government and federal constituent states fuelled by recent London Meeting on oil and gas potential in Somalia.At time of this writing, an agenda of Garowe Gathering had yet to be adopted.

Given a goodwill from all leaders attending the Garowe Gathering, and a little public and diplomatic pressure, Somali-driven solutions to all regional and national outstanding issues can be found in this most convenient venue, which has a history of Somalia’s political breakthroughs.
Most importantly, this is a national leadership test for President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. In GAROWE-III he will either sail or sink. We can only wish him well and good luck.
By Ismail Warsame

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