Garowe, May 4, 2019 – it is too hot to be in Garowe today – 40°C, dry, breathless, dazzling bright and burning to the bone with sweat dripping down from the cheeks of everybody, with two months past the rainy season without a drop falling down from the grey and naked sky.

With fragile and weak air- conditioning ventilators continually breaking down due to scorching exceptionally hot weather and cheap Chinese-made technology and wiring system, it was not better even for those who managed to sneak into the over-crowded VIP lounge at Royal Caffe room. Some members of the welcoming party, including Puntland President Deni, went to General Mohamed Abshir International Airport to receive President Farmaajo as early as morning. But, President Farmaajo had arrived here in late afternoon, showing insensitivity of the President to the suffering of the attending people, and thus trying their patience waiting for him the whole under extreme weather conditions.
This is Farmaajo’s working visit in the State of Puntland, not official tour, to attend what is supposed to be the Garowe-III Meeting. Regional State leaders have been arriving Garowe separately much earlier.

Welcome back to Garowe, Mr. President! Good luck!

By Ismail Warsame


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