Garowe, May 4, 2019 – Now that the Garowe meeting is about to start, probably as soon as today, between national leaders and those from constituent federal states, expectation here for significant achievement or breakthrough is somewhat mixed.
On the pessimistic side, they say that the national leaders almost sabotaged the meeting by unilateral cabinet decisions on the modality of 2020 Electoral Process just hours before coming to the scheduled Garowe Meeting. It wasn’t tactful at all to show bad faith in attending this meeting. Observers noted that Farmaajo and Khayre have yet to learn the concepts of “stakeholders, common interests, ownership, mutual concern, Somali-driven solutions and traditional Somali consensus-building”. These are not foreign concepts, but native and indigenous self-governance traditions clearly understandable to the Somali common person, although, unfortunately continually ignored by all successive politicians of recent administrations.
On the optimistic side, they say there is a real opportunity for restoring trust and cooperation between different levels of the government to move Somalia forward by finding lasting solution to the problem of constant political bickering for no good reasons other than opportunistic and selfish personal ends. As the leaders brain-storm on pressing national and regional issues, there is 50% chance that they would realize that no Somali politician of recent memory could last long enough to secure a place in history – making urgent and imperative for the current leaders to try to make at least a difference during their short mandates.
One more thing. You cannot be a good politician, let alone a national leader without benefiting from the lessons of history. It is unfathomable for any Somali statesman to fail to notice what Italian Fascist Governor of Somalia, Ancelotti, had discovered seventy-eighty years ago – that Somali politics has its origins in the East. Farmaajo and Khayre, together with the leaders of federal states, are now in the East to seize renewed leadership opportunities.

Get back to the drawing board for a fresh start to fix Somalia.


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