There are four obstacles to Somalia’s progress and modern statecraft:

1. Tariqa wars

2. Politicized clannism

3. Epidemic corruption inbedded in all spheres life of the society

4. Mistrust among clans as a result of the Civil War.

Which one is relatively new to Somalia’s public square?

What is new in the political public square is mistrust among the warring clans that threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignity of Somalia. Mistrust created by Civil War and city-state legacy is the key as why Somalia is taugh to reconstruct. 1, 2 and 3 problems have been in existence in various degrees throughout the history of Somali clans. That is why restoring that missing trust is the fundamental task of all Somali political and clan leaders as well as all other leaders in their all walks of life. Recognition of wrong doing, Reconciliation with material compensation and repentance are critical here for successful conclusion of the process with all elements of adjudication and legal enforcement.

Mistrust is a new obstacle, more dangerous than the current Tariqa wars. If there is no trust, we have nothing in common and we will not be able to have a common country, let alone a unified state. Let us not kid ourselves.