Garowe: The Glass Houses of Puntland

The quote that people in “glass houses don’t throw stones” is certainly true for the local residents of Garowe, State of Puntland, Somalia. Instead, they are busy in cutting business deals with NGOs and government agencies and constructing more hotels and villas to rent out to the highest bidder, oblivious to the fact that their City is facing military seige and badly needs campaigns for mobilizing situation awareness, re-enforcement, internal state security and intelligence capabilities.

Garowe construction business now resembles that of Abu Dubai in the height of oil and gas boom. There is no feel at all of security threat in Puntland. On the top, the existential economic and security threats of Bosaso and Galkayo is now a daily fact of life for the entire people of Puntland.
Nobody can guess when the reality of the security situation would sink in in the minds of the population of Puntland.
We only hope for the New Administration of President Deni would be done quickly with its learning curve, and claim the ownership of the precarious security vacuum.

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