For students of Modern Somali history, answer the following questions objectively and without bias:

1. What are the root causes of civil war in Somalia?

2. Were there official political opposition parties in Somalia before the outbreak of the civil war? If not, why not?

3. Were there a free press or media before the start of the civil war?

4. Were there ever a national debate on Somalia’s governance before the civil war and immediately after the Ogaden War of 1977-1978?

5. Why there was a need for an exile armed rebellion against Somali government of the day?

6. What is the main reason for the need of a federal constitution for the New Somalia? Why Somalis simply not re-adopt the 1960 Constitution?

7. Does a National Reconciliation Process involves in only forgiveness or more? How do you bring to the fold of a national reconciliation process the children whose parents were hurt, financially ruined, deceased or disappeared during the Civil War?


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