I have decided to take an hour and half of brisk walking today to a destination of a few kilometers from home. On my way, I saw a middle-aged black woman wearing red-colored kinky hair, standing up in the shadow of a big tree on the sidewalk to prevent herself from the burning heat of today’s Toronto weather. The lady didn’t notice me passing by as she was clued to her smartphone, browsing non-stop, unaware of the world around her. At first, I didn’t pay any attention as I thought she stopped there to respond to something urgent while walking to somewhere.

On my way back, the woman was still standing up in the shadow of another tree not far off from the previous one one hour later, obviously, stepping out from one tree to another while she was pretty affixed to her phone.

Welcome to the world of smartphone addicts and world population of mostly zombies because of the new exposure and experience.

Initially, I didn’t believe when a Somali writer, Mr. Faysal Roble, wrote an article in the on the issue while describing the problem with Puntland President, Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gaas).

Now, a lot of people are at risk of losing their lives due to preventable accidents because of social media addiction on their smartphones. Many did hurt others as result of the epidemic, not to mention about how many perished already while inattentively staring at screens of their new entertainment media.

By Ismail Warsame


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