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Are there political lessons and experience for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud (HSM) and others to learn from the failures of 2012-2016/2017 Somali Presidency?

HSM came to power with a popular applause and high expectation from his ascent to the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia. That popular support and unrealistic people’s expectations faded within the first year of his four-year mandate? The question is why did that happen so fast?

To answer that question, I believe there is a combination of many factors that led to the failure of President’s moral authority to govern. In my opinion, some are more critical than others in harming President’s operations and performance irreparably. These include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Rampant Corruption
  2. Lack of, or, poor management of popular high expectation
  3. Huge political capital spent on resisting and fighting the creation of Jubaland Regional Administration and later, propping up and supporting…

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