The problem of Somalia is not the new residents of Mogadishu. it is not the Indian Ocean. it is not the countryside. It is not the sky over the City. it is not AMISOM. It is not Ethiopia, Djibouti or Kenya. It is not the UN, Nicolas Kay or Mahiga and it is not even Al-Shabab.

It is the total absence of community leadership in Mogadishu. It is the total lack of political accountability and poor leadership there. It is the intellectual bankruptcy. It is the heartless business community there. It is the self-denial of truth and historical responsibilities of atrocities and gross violations of human rights and sanctity of human life. It is the corruption that has lost meaning and total disregard of the fundamental principle of proprietorship protection-differentiating between what is  “Yours and Mine” in Mogadishu. It is the total absence of personal liability for wrong-doing. It is repeating yesterday’s mistakes over and over again. This is the diagnosis of Somalia/Mogadishu misery and hopelessness.

Cure these and the seemingly intractable problem is resolved.

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