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Warsame Digital Media WDM

GUULWADE (Victory Pioneer) style of leadership is a political phenomenon associated to regimes in Somalia and North Korea. Basically, it is one single man’s show of leadership on the misery of the rest of the society except a few cronies of personal advisors. It is regimented societal order of insuring servile obedience to the ruler, whereby any suspicion of opposing views is crushed mercilessly and eliminated wholly without due process and feeling of remorse. Vital state decision-making is conducted secretly and behind closed doors.

Show cases of regime’s success stories are publicly televised and printed by totally controlled media centres, which  act as loyal mouth-pieces of the Regime for propaganda purposes, mainly for international consumption and local indoctrination.

Any hint on alternative leadership is treated as a capital crime and treason against the state.

Those who worked with the Regime of Siyad Barre for a long time, or benefited his…

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