Garowe, April 25, 2019 – Opponents of Somalia’s decentrilization include officials of Villa Somalia, office of the Federal Prime Minister, among other dark forces of revisionism and reaction. These forces are trying to change or freeze the course of Somalia’s progress, and as such, they constitute the peace spoilers and obstacles along the way for the New Somalia to move forward. These elements of status quo don’t understand the political dynamics of post civil war Somalia that there is a zero chance to re-construct the country to yesterday’s city-state model of governance. They are only wasting time and resources in a futile exercise to confront the movement of history in the making. They are bound to fail as disgraced as their predecessors along the same path of fighting time, space and people’s aspirations.

Yesterday, these forces were to undermine the National Reconciliation Process initiated and being implemented by late TFG President, Abdullahi Yusuf. In the other day, it was former FGS President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who broke the record in violation of the Federal Constitution to stop Jubaland joining the formation of federal states in Somalia. Today it is Villa Somalia joining forces with the same dark forces it is complaining about at same time, seemingly unaware of its true political alliance in freezing and fighting the federal system agreed upon finally after a long and historic struggle.
Again, in a wishy-washy fashion of typical yesterday’s failed Southern politicians like Mohamed Ali Gedi, Nur Adde, Abdulqassim Salad Hassan, among quite a few of them, who themselves had undermined their own governments at their respective periods, there are others, who still foolishly think that they are either today’s honest political brokers in Somalia, or an alternative leadership to the current revisionist and reactionary FGS leadership in Mogadishu. It is an irony that some people are still listening to them, even in Puntland State. Call it a societal inmaturity and lack of sophistication accompanied with misinformation and lack of community awareness, taking cue from empty slogans like “Nabad & Nool” ( a phrase borrowed from Garowe Community Meeting of 1992) and “isxilqaan” to masquerade Dictator Siyad Barre’s regime motto of “iskaa-wax-uqabso”. They think Somali people would continue uncritically to watch their cheap show.

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