Puntland has to fix this this unnecessary practice quickly.

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It has become an intoxication fashion for Puntland successive image001 administration leaders to indulge in prohibitively expensive state receptions and send-off of the head of the Government whenever he steps out of the Capital or returns to it. Even a short working visit from a region requires mobilization of the entire residents of Garowe for a Welcome Party either to receive the President or to send him off. This entails huge security operations every time there is such an event. All Government and economic activities of the City come to a standstill for a whole working day. Public Schools are closed for the day for students to participate in the huge party at airport. People are required to line up in tightly cramped setting along the narrow sidelines that has no even sidewalks of the only highway passing through Garowe. The single transport road linking up the country from West to…

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