At Last, Fire-Powered Cellphone Chargers


You’re deep in the woods, being pursued by hungry bears, your cellphone battery’s dead, and all you’re carrying is something called a BioLite CampStove. What do you do? Rustle up some food (for the bears) on your port-a-crockery?

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You could do that, sure — or you could climb a tree, use the stove to charge your cellphone, call for help, and wait for a dramatic helicopter rescue to play out, like Gandalf and company whisked away by giant eagles at the close of Peter Jackson’s preliminary Hobbit.

But wait, use the stove to charge your cellphone? That’s right — all you need is a bit of wood and your cellphone’s charge cable, because this thing exists: the BioLite CampStove is a water bottle-sized column of metal that weighs about 2 pounds, with holes in the sides that…

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  1. Hi Ismailwarsame,
    I just stumbled across this and, I had my cellphone on the table next to laptop last night and the cellphone was so hot it almost burned me. The bottom of my laptop is VERY hot. The table area by the lap top is hot that is seems like a fire is burning underneath.
    I have toshiba 4 yearold laptop with wireless modem internet in Bangladesh Asia with an extension cord incase you need information.
    Is this ok for it to be hot? I just unplugged the power cord to see if it will cool off. Is this normal?
    the bottom of my tv is cold and so are other places.
    Temperture here is about 70 degrees here in asia now.
    BTW great blogpost


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