The main reason Somaliland Administration stays in Sool Region is its pursuit of unilateral secession from Somalia. That attempt has now hit the rocks, and it is unlikely that will ever happen as long as people of Somalia don’t allow it. Now the meager economy of Somaliland cannot sustain prolonged forceful occupation of Sool Region with its residents struggling for peace and freedom for the long haul. firstly, the ongoing uprising in Laaska (Laascaanood) has clearly demonstrated to Somalis, and the world at large, that Somaliland is an occupying entity against the will of the residents there.

Secondly, by suppressing the uprising in Laascaanood, Somaliland has irreversibly lost its territorial claim to Sool Region based on lame excuse of long-gone British Protectorate colonial border. After all, this is Dhulbahante/Harti land. No one within the international community would entertain Somaliland quest for secession after what has happened in Laascaanood recently, unless the world is suddenly ready to recognize every tribe or clan in Africa to form own sovereign state.

Thirdly, repression against residents of Laascaanood will entail gross human rights violations for which the leaders of Somaliland Regime will be held accountable in a court of law inside, and possibly, outside Somalia.

Somaliland is, therefore, better advised to vacate Sool Region peacefully in an exercise for damage control for crimes against humanity in abusing unarmed population.



This Agreement is as valid and binding between parties today as it was in 2007. Puntland State entered into this Agreement with the Federal Government, on behalf of then existing and future FMS. There is no legal venue for FGS today to ignore this solemn undertaking. Puntland State and every FMS has the legal right to demand for implementation of this official document.


Fake news flies faster than not only supersonic speed, but it also has more staying powers than the truth. Only yesterday at least two grown-up college graduates I knew well bought the fake news that Puntland State was planning to seceed from rest of Somalia, and that it was issuing its own passport.

As alarming as that may sound, I also had a chance to strike a conversation with 25-year old girl from Buhoodle. She not only seemed to know little to nothing about Puntland history, but surprisingly she has a well rehearsed version of Dr Ali Khalif Galaydh’s sinophobic notion about Puntland and Majeertaine. She also didn’t know that Khatumo was a failed administration whose leaders had finally sold their souls to the Hargeisa Administration. I, as well, know that most Dhulbahante men and women think that Khatumo and Dhulbahante are synonymous, despite the fact that many “Dholos” were opposed to the idea of “Khatumo”.

Cayn Region or Buhoodle isn’t equal to a half of Togdheer Region. Puntland State designated Buhoodle as “Region” because the “Village” of Buhoodle” doesn’t sound well to the “Establishment”. The “SSC” (Sool, Sanaag, Cayn) do not tell the whole truth. Here Sool Region, a part of Nugaal Valley, is correct. But the inclusion of Sanaag Region here is controversial at least, as Warsengeli of Erigavo area is either excluded or inserted here without their consent.

Dhulbahante, therefore, is advised to discontinue the use of the words “Khatumo and SSC” for their struggle against Somaliland occupation. You don’t run the names of failed rebel groups over and over again to achieve better or different results. Continued use of these names could further divide Dhulbahante along sub-clan lines and settling of old scores within “Khatumo and SSC” malpractice.


Farmaajo wanted to destroy Federalism by puting puppet regional governors in FMS and conduct sham direct elections to install himself into a dictatorship once again in Somali politics. He didn’t learn from the Civil War. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud wants to use Somalia’s Federalism cleaverly as a weapon to disable it through the so-called “Madasha Qaranka” (National Consultative Forum) composed of the leaders of Federal Government, FMS and, paradoxically, the Governor of Banadir Region. Madasha is an unconstitutional entity whose relevance doesn’t go beyond consultations (it has no legal authority whatsoever in all Federal and State Constitutions). Recent Mogadishu Session of the “Madasha” in which HSM had attempted to weaponize the powers of the FMS against themselves to disable regional judiciary is still fresh in our minds. Only Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni, refused to succumb to HSM’s political shenanigans. Nothing will come out of HSM’s sinnister plans to undermine Federalism.

For your information, there is an existing Agreement between FGS and FMS signed in 2007 by the leaders of the Transitional Federal Government, and Puntland State of Somalia, on behalf of existing and future FMS. This was signed by the leaders of TFG, President Abdullahi Yusuf, Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Geedi, on behalf of the Federal Government, and President Mohamud Muse Hersi (Adde Muse) for Puntland.

This Agreement stipulated that the transfer of public institutions, state agencies and infrastructures that come under the jurisdictions of FGS in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution, shall wait until the FGS develops institutional capacities and legal framework, including completion of Federal Constitution.

These FMS institutions or agencies included paramilitary forces (Daraawiish), border entry points like airports and seaports, customs, among others. Workers of these agencies of FMS must be paid by the FGS, and until that happens, a FMS shall continue to pay the salaries of these state workers, on behalf of the FGS.

No transfer of tax revenues from a FMS to FGS shall occur until FGS shall assume full responsibilities for running these state agencies that may come under its jurisdictions based on fully agreed Federal Constitution.

This Agreement is valid today as it was in 2007, and the situation of the FGS remains exactly the same.

Until the requirements of this AGREEMENT are met, the Federal Government can’t demand for the transfer or acquisition of airports, seaports, customs from a FMS. Moreover, most FMS public institutions like education, Judiciary etc, are independent from the Federal Government, and unless special arrangements to be agreed upon are enacted, both Federal and state constitutions guarantee that separation of powers.


Somalia has changed culturally – forget the old days of national celebrations, flag waving and song of national anthem. No talk of significance of national independence. Historical songs of patriotism are suppressed and celebrated singers are things of the past, only to be remembered by 70-year olds. The entire history of Somalia is being erased or has disappeared from national discourse and school curriculum.

Any signs of globalization and Western influence are being discouraged or eroded. Women can’t walk along the streets in towns without complete Xijab – any woman seen in public without heavy veil is automatically assumed blasphemous by the majority of population. Girls as old as five years are subjected to the strict rules of their mothers in dressing up. Fathers are bashed or looked down whenever they escort their daughters in public without following strict religious culture of today’s Somali society. The very name of Somali identity is fasting losing relevance in the country. The whole country appears to look different and disconnected from its past profile of liberal culture and religious tolerance. Time-tested traditional customs are looked down as pagan and un-Islamic. Somali society is fundamentally changing to a status of big X and cultural uncertainty.

It appears that academic descriptions by many foreign scholars and travelers of Somalis and Somalia have no relevance today. New studies in anthropology and sociology are required to reflect on the rapidly changing nature of the new people being created in Somalia. Years of Wahabists’ indoctrination is almost done and successful. This has been made possible by repression of the Military Dictatorship of Siyad Barre before its final collapse in 1991, whereby the oppressed people of Somalia sought salvation in religion during his reign. Saudi Arabian Wahabism teachings, its institutions of charity organizations bent on spread of Wahabism to counter-act Iranian Shia influence in Sunny nations and opportunistic nature of Somali nomadic character had been a deadly combination of sort to transform Somalia into a nation in identity crisis, now in every aspect of life.

Deterioration of environment, livestock and fish habitat is in a state of alarm and emergency. Religious groups dismiss this man-made disaster as curse from Allah. This is another area of grave concern for the survival of life in Somalia. Public awareness and action are required to reverse the dangerous trend.

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Tonight nobody is getting any younger, but the arrival of the 2023 offers an opportunity to reflect on the events of preceeding year in both personal experiences and eventful developments we were witnesses. Year 2022 seemed exceptional in terms of peace. In year 2022 we were not expecting major war in Europe with a modern state of Russia attacking its neighbor, causing havoc and displacement to peaceful people deciding their own destiny in the continent. We all thought that imperialism and territorial expansion were things of the past. It never crossed in our mind that a European leader of 21st century would blatantly dare to invade a sovereign country with unimaginable threat of use of nuclear weapon. One could aspire for a negotiated settlement of this destructive and devastating conflict.

COVID-19 has changed the world and ways people do business and interact with each other. Many people lost their loved ones. Its traumatic global impact will remain forever.

Legal troubles of former US President Donald J Trump was another mesmerizing story in US politics and their public institutions. Many believed that Trump was unaccountable for his alleged crimes.

Year 2023 appears to look like the continuation of 2022. In year 2023, don’t continue to do the same old things and behave the same old ways to expect different results. Just mask up when you are told to. Discard conspiracies and seek truth.


It is rather rare for a major international Airport to issue such announcements, unless there is Force Majeure or major emergency. Hence, there is a growing speculation in Somalia that President Ismail Omar Ghuelleh of Djibouti is expected to escort his newly wed daughter, Haibado, and son-in-law, Sadiq John, to Mogadishu. Whether that is the joke of the year or not is to be seen.



Media reports in Puntland State indicate that a group of politicians and former government officials are reportedly raising and mobilizing clan militiamen from Nugaal Region against current Administration of President Said Abdullahi Deni. If true, this could be another violent chapter to destabilize the State and disrupt peaceful development and democratization of Puntland State. Such a scenario must be avoided by all at any cost. It doesn’t benefit anyone. Based on WDM assessment, majority of the residents of Puntland support democratization, and any opposition to the notion of direct elections will fail. Besides, for a revolt to succeed, it must have a credible leader and popular support. This attempt has none.

Look back at short history of Puntland – no one, who first started violence through armed rebellion, had ever been successful, while counter-offensives against violators of peace had been always victorious. There must be reason for this historical fact. It is the residents of Puntland State that made possible for the gains of the regions to continue and be sustainable. Repeat, nobody had ever gained from violence in Puntland, be warned.

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Somalia is described in world records with:

Piracy, Civil War, Terrorism, Refugees, Genocide, Al-Shabaab, ISIS, Warlords, Famine, Drought, Relief Aid, United Nations, UNHCR, Doctors Without Borders, Action Aid, World Bank, IMF, UNDP, NGOs, AMISOM, AU, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Debt, Suicide Attacks, Money Laundering, Hawala System, Human Trafficking, Illegal Charcoal Trade, Early Childhood Mortality Rates, Mother and Infant Mortality, Open Borders, Khat Trade, No Currency Control, Zero Central Bank, No Drugs Control, Expired Food and Medicine, Heinous Business Practices, Rape, Murder, Kidnappings, No National Archive, Militias, Tribalism, Clannish, Religious Sects, High Divorce Rates, Corruption, No Accountability, lowest literacy rate in the world, illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, foreign troops presence, bio-piracy, corruption, nepotism, capital flight, consumismerism…..

Does hearing and reading these horror attributes of Somalia as a country stimulate any chemical reactions in the minds of Somali Political elites? We doubt.



American policy on Africa is traditionally misguided, exacerbated by Western pseudo-experts on African affairs. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s visit to Somalia is, first and foremost, symbolizes re-engagement of African diaspora in positions of influence in the US Government with native countries of origin, and visits of this kind could help flash out the enormous misconceptions of US policy-makers on African realities.

Recent Puntland Diaspora Summit in Garowe, Puntland, together with Ms Omar’s current visit to parts of African continent, including Somalia, would re-awaken the potential for deeper understanding of African issues and cooperation between Africa and Western World.

US Congresswoman ilhan Omar will gain first-hand experience on the failed state of American foreign policy on African affairs, and hopefully, her visit would help re-direct US engagement with the continent. Ms Omar could now challenge certain circles of US establishment, who continously misread Africa. For US foreign policy, Ukraine has been deemed more important, drawing huge US assistance package than the fifty plus countries in Africa. According to many economic analysts in different countries, African Continent is the future of the world in terms of much needed resources in raw materials and manpower. Amidst global competition for resources with China and India, Western nations would need to re-think and reset their cooperation and relationships with Africa. Ms Omar’s visit to Puntland State of Somalia could be a small step towards correcting the devastating wrong ideas on African realities by Western academia and policy-makers. In line with the new political and economic realities, African leaders would be required to urgently work out public policies on re-engaging with their respective diaspora. It is no longer a business as usual.

[Feature picture: WDM Chief Editor shaking hands with Representative Ilhan Omar at Garowe, Puntland, airport.]

[This article has been updated since posting.]

PDF Breaking News

A great event of Puntland Diaspora (Puntland Diaspora Forum, PDF) is about to kick-start in Martisoor Hotel in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia. Said Abdullahi Deni, Puntland State President, is expect to open this Diaspora Summit. PDF Event in Garowe, attracting important Somali personalities and professionals from all over the world, is already turning out not only to be a full house, but also a ran-away convention event.