Residents of Mogadishu and fledgling Federal Government of Somalia have been coexisting with extremist groups and various religious Tariqas for decades now. You can’t fight back against these extremists when the society itself is split along religious lines, when the government is headed by one of those religious sects (Damul-Jadid), the rank-and-file of the security forces are infiltrated by terrorists or recruited mainly from a few subclans from the vicinity of Banadir Region, with mistrust caused by Civil War still fresh in the minds of people, and Federal officials and administrators are being intimidated by Al-Shabab and ISIS on daily basis.

Unless there is a serious commitment on the part of impowered Judiciary (judges, police, secret services) with sound public policy behind them to address the epidemic of Al-Shabab and underlining problems of government security apparatus, Mogadishu and rest of the country will coexist with another government by the extremists, who are bent to take over the country and beyond in the same way Taliban have been projecting, and eventually succeeded.

Alshabab, Alqaeda and ISIS are no different from other historical Mafia groups. They coexist with corrupt societies and compromised security personnel. Since they thrive in intimidating members of the general public, they extort money and new recruits..

World community can’t help out Somalia in this fight in the absence of Somali authorities ready to get rid of the menace of terrorism from their own land.

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