In an early article from this blog, https://ismailwarsame.blog/2022/07/31/the-bleak-situation-of-readership-in-somalia/, we articulated that people who don’t read isn’t only literally backward, but it is also safe to say that they will have no future because they will not only lose their freedoms, but also their country. Tell me any county of nomadic population, which had established a strong nation. You won’t find one. Why? Besides their backward ways of existence, they don’t go to school to learn new and modern ways to make societal progress?

Although Puntland education was lagging behind Mogadishu and Somaliland, we hear these days that even textbooks for students whose primary and secondary schools were historically struggling to stay open, are beyond reach of already poor purchasing power of these students and families. Certain social media and radio broadcasts are reporting stress signals and interviews from parents on the issue. Some even speculate that mercyless and politically connected Puntland merchants are exploiting the situation with sales offer of more than fifty US dollars a class. Such prizes even in rich countries are not acceptable.This is worse than loanshark business, taking advantage of poor and low income population. Health sector fares no better either with Puntland sick traveling long distances to Hargeisa, Mogadishu and beyond.

Puntland Government must step in to address the alarming state of affairs with education, health and other important social services sectors.

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