Mr President, Ministers and Members of the Parliament

I thought that public relations are important component of public affairs. An attempt to reach out to the office of the President by the members of the general public cannot be discarded as routine modus operandi of the Presidency.

Since Military Regime of 1969-1991, and throughout Transitional Governments of Post-Civil War, Somali Members of the Parliament were more rogue elements in the State than genuine representatives of their respective constituencies. This is the main reason for mal-administration, corruption and bankruptcy of intellect and initiatives in Somalia.

The public is full of ideas as well as concerns to address issues of public interests. Some are looking for opportunities to contribute to nation-building. Still others are thinking of how to join campaigns for national reconstruction. Are these issues fall into areas of your Excellencies’ interests? If so, think of creating public affairs section in each portofolio of the government and Parliament. It is an office ran by one officer with an assistant attached to each ministry and offices of the House Speakers reporting to a designated officer agreed upon.
Correspondences by the members of the general public to offices of the government at levels shouldn’t be ignored to avoid harming the public image and perception of the government.

All the best,
Ismail H. Warsame
Tel: +252 90 703 4081

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