Puntland Presidency is in disarray. Appointment of officials by the Vice President and refusal of the President to endorse it poses a direct security threat of destabilization of the State by own leadership. These appointments are not in the best interests of both the President and Vice President. The President wants to campaign in Mogadishu for Somalia’s Presidency with a peace of mind, and the Vice President would be better off in inheriting a functioning administration of Puntland.

Right now, neither of them is leading a sound policy for the people of Puntland. They seem to be playing a game of drones among themselves. This is ridiculous and laughable for men of such advanced age to behave like school skids, oblivious to the heavy responsibilities entrusted in them. They truly failed Puntland.

Stop the baby game.

President Deni
Vice President Ahmed Elmi Osman (Kraash)

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