1. Puntland Security Force (PSF) isn’t military units for a family, but Puntland State anti-terrorist forces.
  2. Sons of late Osman Diyaano had inherited a golden spoon in their mouth, knowing nothing about the tremendous efforts and struggle to secure USA assistance for the creation of PSF in a provisional state not recognised by any state or government in the world.
  3. Those opposing Diyaano sons now, and who are currently in power in Puntland State were then against the stability of Northeast Regions and foundation of Puntland State, some of its current ministers even participated in extemist violence against the people of Northeast Regions. They were under the spell and deranged mind of terrorist Hassan Dahir Aweys.
  4. On Faroole, Abdiweli Gaas and Omar Abdirashid: a) Faroole wanted to destroy the Founding Congresses of Puntland in 1998, and when failed, he had fled to Australia. There are still multiple eyewitnesses in Garowe now of his desperate campaigns and attempts to foil Puntland Constitutional Congress then.

b) Gaas have been insulting the founding leaders of Puntland State by dismissing them as alcoholics.

c) Omar Abdirashid was an unknown quantity until recently, only to exploit the brand name of his late father, particularly from among sub-clans of Abgaal and Sa’ad Habargidir.

This is the hidden political history of Puntland State to fresh up your minds for context of the ongoing Bosaso military standoff.

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