To resolve the case, isolate the most sticking point in this conflict? What is it?
Ikram’s disappearance, NISA claim of her demise and who was responsible. Right?

Then, family and public suspicion followed on that report and claim of NISA on Ikram. Correct?

How to handle the case? First of all, let us answer the question: Is it a crime/homicide? Disappearance and possible murder? Yes?

If yes, then this case belongs to the criminal justice. It has nothing to do with politics, administration or civil investigative committees. Agree?

If yes, then, since there is suspicion on the NISA report on the disappearance of Ikram, NISA top directors should have stepped aside until the case is resolved. The minister for security should have resigned or asked to resign.This is common sense and best practice when there is a suspicion of foul play within a department.

Since Farmaajo is known to have close relations with Fahad Yassin, then Farmaajo was required to consult with the Cabinet on acceptable compromise candidate to replace Fahad on temporary capacity until the case of Ikram is resolved. Farmaajo shouldn’t be seen as shielding Fahad from possible responsibility on the disappearance of Ikram, unless there is something else we aren’t aware of. In all considerations, this case belongs to a court of law.

No further nuisances and noises were necessary. It was as simple as that to avoid this unfortunate confrontation.


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