By Ismail Warsame
Opinion Columnist

In governance, especially in good governance, strong nations have some values in common: Recognition of the services and contributions by their past leaders in all fields of human endeavors. They have ideals and role models for citizens to follow and aspire to be. Have you ever seen any Somali leader recognizing and quoting the good works done by his predecessor (s)? Yes, in literature only. But that has nothing to do with the subject under discussion. Are Somali leaders in the business of “après moi, le dèluge” ( after me, the flood.)

If you don’t recognize the positive contributions of others, how would you expect people to remember you after you are gone? Does your leadership role today have any historical significance to your nation to remember and thank you for it? Do you expect any prayers for you from people you served so well while you were at command?

In religion, people quote leaders of faith and their good deeds in the service of good on earth. Strong nations of Europe and North America have ideals played so well by role models in their respective history. The so-called “Asian Tigers” have their Mahathir Mohameds.

History of nations are taught in schools to impress and prepare the youth for future leadership roles in their areas of interest.

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Do Somalis have a history to learn from? How could they avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again? I truly believe that one of the main factors why Somalis couldn’t put their acts together is their disregard to reference of history and absence of official role models for the new generations to take cues from. If you are too mean to your predecessors, history will not be kind to you too.

Happy Holidays to all!

Ismail Warsame
Opinion Columnist

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