By Ismail Warsame
Opinion Columnist

Debate on Somali politics is full of rumors and speculations. It is hard to discern facts from fallacies. That is because nothing is predictable as the nature of indirect election here is more fluid than the turbulent flow of pipe water. There is always room for the unexpected to happen in a corrupt system of vote buying through foreign money and meddling. Some members of Gulf states are particularly guilty of this election interference in Somalia. Foreign factor in Somalia’s decision-making process is one of the reasons behind the resistance to holding free and fair elections in a country fed up of poor leadership and incompetence. These crimes against the people of Somalia and their sovereignty is known here as foreign conspiracy and influence-peddling by the power of petro-dollars in a corrupt political marketplace as large as Somalia..

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Currently, speculations are rife in Mogadishu about Former President, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, coming up with unexpected assertiveness, boldness and renewed confidence in jockeying for power, among other candidates, in Mogadishu. Observers have started speculating the UAE was deeply involved this time around to prop up certain presidential candidates and hopefuls. They said, Sheikh Sharif came up atop that list. They are also speculating that Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni, could be in the list of hopefuls, depending on whether he would throw his hat into ring.

Is it Deni or Sheikh Sharif?

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