By Ismail Warsame
Opinion Columnist

Residents, visitors and travelers of a country should be able to call for help in case of emergency. There should be dedicated public departments to respond to emergency situations concerning health and threats to personal safety. Contact information to access such assistance should be publicly advertised and made ready to respond to pleas for help. The need for public emergency services is part of perquisites for government existence. Tax-payers have every right to demand establishment and availability of assistance when needed and on-demand.

Recently I had had a chat on the issue with a gentleman, who briefed me on his experience. The man was receiving threatening phone calls from strangers. He didn’t know to do about his situation. He told me he was skeptical to seek help from Puntland Police Department due to the sensitivity of his case and mistrust he held about their competence. The only alternative he could think of was attempting to contact his former colleagues and persons in Puntland government he knew.

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The above true story sets out the best example for the absence of efficient and dedicated emergency services expected of Puntland government or any responsible modern government in the 21st century.
It is long overdue to look into this matter.


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