October 7, 2019

There is no doubt that Ahmed Madoobe’s election or self-election, depending on your perspective, is contraversial. The international Community led by the Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Somalia, James Swan, had yet to welcome the result of Jubaland Election. IGAD member countries, save Kenya, didn’t endorse it. Puntland State has good working relationships with those international partners and IGAD Member States, including Kenya.

Puntland’s interests come first before Jubaland’s, unless you think they are the same. Puntland Government should weigh this before venturing out to send a delegation to Kismayo. So far, Puntland Government had managed the dispute between FGS and Jubaland well. President Deni cannot afford to act in the same way Sheikh Sharif, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Hassan do. These politicians are, only not in opposition, but they also hold no positions of public responsibilities.

On the one hand, sending a Puntland delegation to Kismayo would have political consequences on which Puntland ought to consider carefully in regards to her relationships with other partners, including future cooperation with the Federal Government. Here, Puntland’s interest overwheighs all other considerations, emotions and sympathy for Jubaland.

On the other hand, not sending a delegation to Kismayo has optical and political negativities for Puntland State. However, if the Speaker of Puntland House of Representatives could participate in the Inauguration of Omar Finish as the New Mayor of Mogadishu, why is he not able to lead a Puntland delegation to Kismayo now? 


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