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June 28, 2019

Now that the recent Djibouti Agreement between Galmudugh President Ahmed Du’ale Haaf and his Dusamareb political partner, Sunna -wal-Jamaacah led by Premier Sheikh Shakir has been revoked, all previous political arrangements between the two factions are in tatters and irreconcilable.

That is because Sheikh Shakir Group has just switched their allegiance to the leaders of the Federal Government at expense of Haaf, betraying the warlord when he needed them most against Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre.

Haaf had temporarily found himself in no man’s land as he had escaped from Dusamareb on the eve of Khayre’s arrival in town, and he couldn’t enter Caado without negotiating his way through with his other rival faction leaders of the broken Galmudugh Parliament in Caado. He finally got allowed to enter Caado with the understanding that he had lost politically. That realization brought him to his sense and had accepted the inevitable that election is the only way out for all competing parties.

But, the dust has not settled down yet in Galmudugh conundrum as election campaigns got started, and as usual, those who have deeper pockets and financial backing of Villa Somalia have bigger chance to win.

Galmudugh has additional legitimacy complications of not fulfilling the Federal Constitutional requirements to qualify for regional state status, failing short of having territory of at least two regions.

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