Garowe, April 24, 2019 – the Gulf State of Qatar has been heavily investing in oil and gas exploration firms as the government owned Qatar Petroleum has major shares in Eni, Kaabi, Exxon Mobil, French Total and Royal Dutch Shell, among others. These firms, ENi in particular, had secured blocks of concessions from Kenyan Government to explore gas and oil in Somali EEZ (economic exclusive zone) and Continental Shelf, Kenya claiming these to be under dispute with Somalia.

Qatar, therefore, is a major contributor to Somali-Kenya maritime dispute and diplomatic tension. Qatar cannot be a honest broker in this matter because of this serious conflict of oil interests, and is definitely set to side with Kenya in this maritime dispute.
Unfortunately, Qatar is also dangerously posed against the vital interests of Somalia as it had secured unmatched political and financial influence on the current Somalia’s Administration of Farmaajo and Khayre, and with the Troika of Fahad-Khayre-Farmaajo at helm of Somalia, expect more trouble to come while Qatar is bribing everybody along the way.



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