Garowe, May 10, 2019 – Somali travelers from Mogadishu experience in Garowe not only personal relief and peace of mind, but also feeling of nostalgia of good old days of calm and peaceful Somalia – a part of Somalia they can move around in town round the clock without encountering any incident of inconvenience in their free exploration of life in the city.

Somalia’s Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khayre, had tested the sweetness of peace and tranquility here when he recently had chosen to walk around the streets of Garowe, touring city hotels and restaurants to break his Ramadan fasting, chatting with customers and enjoying casual conversations with the residents of Garowe from all walks of life.

Those FGS officials of Puntland origin, whether they are members of the two chambers of Somalia’s Federal Parliament, the Cabinet or civil servants, struggle and fight for obtaining places, spaces and time to squeeze into the Federal leaders’ travel packages for occasional working and official visits to Puntland in order to re-enjoy the feeling of peace and life without the fear of bomb-blasts and threatening phone calls from mass killers and extortionists in Mogadishu.

Welcome back to Puntland, friends! Enjoy your life as it should be. Just remember one thing, you won’t make easy Benjamins here in Puntland – that could be inconvenient to some of you.

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