Epidemic of Car Mirrors Theft in Garowe

GAROWE, April 20, 2019 – Garowe City Police and CID seem oblivious to what is increasingly becoming an epidemic of car mirrors theft. It is an embarrassing recent development and inconvenience to City guests, who find themselves blinded daily by missing car mirrors on the roads of Garowe, while driving borrowed or rented cars. It is not only awkward, but also expensive for one to come to Garowe from Hargeisa or Mogadishu on a short working visit to get stranded in the City and pay heft extra damage costs for car repairs with spare parts rarely available in city auto-shops.

There are rumours and reports that auto-shops and workshops are behind this auto-parts theft.

Hotels and business centres have a role to play here in addressing this epidemic of car mirror theft. Come on, this is not acceptable or tolerated. Police action is demanded without delay. Besides providing guards, city hotels have to install security cameras on their parking lots.

Just in case you become a victim of this wanton theft, the first step for replacement of the stollen stuff is to visit Oomaar Auto-parts located at Western edge of the City Square. There, if they don’t have the part, they have smart mechanics to fabricate one for you.

Author: Warsame Digital Media WDM

About the blogger: This blog is associated with the former Chief of Staff in Puntland State Presidency, 1998-2005. He also worked with the UN and World Bank Joint Secretariat for Somalia’s Re-construction and Development Program (RDP), 2005-2006, as a Zonal Technical Coordinator for Puntland and later as National Aid Technical Coordinator with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and European Union. He is now an independent political analyst and commentator on current issues and occasionally gives historical perspective on modern Somalia’s politics. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He can be reached at: ismailwarsame@gmail.com

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