An Open Letter To All Somali communities

October 24, 2016

Dear All brothers and sisters, countrymen and friends,

Warm greetings and best regards to you all!

This note goes to a lot of our community members like you. Needless to inform you, the forthcoming Somalia’s Presidential Election 2016 will make or break Somalia. The status quo is not only sustainable, it is unacceptable. Allowing the return of former failed politicians is not an option for Somalia to stand on its feet again and come back as a respected member of the community of nations. It is finally the question of survival. The stakes are high and the country conclusively comes to a cross-road.

It would be, therefore, a gross negligence to just watch and wait, hoping better results and miracles to happen. It requires active participation in the electoral process  both at personal and community levels. It demands meaningful inputs of material and ideas and making a difference in the final outcome of the election. It needs debate on the best candidates, soliciting support for the right candidates of your choice. By our choice and action or no action we decide on the fate of Somalia and future of its people.

In January 8, 2014, together we brought positive political change to Puntland, and although some of us were a little disappointed by the performance of the new Puntland Government, the alternative would have been much worse if President Faroole were able to get re-elected. Given the conditions of Puntland at that time, we might not have talked of Puntland as we know it  today.
Thank you

Finally, the young man, who had made this change in Puntland possible, Ali Haji Warsame, is running for the Somalia’s Presidency. He has proved his honest, integrity and hard working character. He has good ideas and vision for Somalia. I would like you to weigh and consider supporting him in any way you can.

By Ismail.W.A. EGAL


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