Following high profile visits by diplomats and military personnel recently from Western nations to Somalia’s capital city, Mogadishu, including the visit by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Deputy President of the European Bloc, Josep Borrell, ambassadors of Somalia’s International Partners accredited to Somalia are showing signs of renewed interest also in the situation of the Federal Member States.

Among the diplomats, who are now paying diplomatic working visit to Baydhaba, Southwest State, include UN SRSG James Swan, US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry E. Andre Jr, AU Acting SRCC, Fiona Lortan, Swedish Ambassador, Per lindgärde, Ethiopia Ambassador, IGAD Representative, EU Rep, German Deputy Ambassador, among others. They held talks at State House in Baydhaba with the President AbdulAsis Laftagareen of Southwest State of Somalia.

This diplomatic visit to Baydhaba could act as the beginning of other visits to follow by the diplomats to a number of FMS. Certainly, among priorities for discussion, as far as Somalis are concerned, are the severe drought impacting upon all regions of Somalia and security issues.

Stay tuned.

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