Congratulations are due to the residents of Eyl District of Puntland, Somalia, on completing and concluding local council election. President Said Abdullahi Deni did a commendable job in seeing through First Phase of democratic exercise of one person one vote in three Puntland districts. We strongly urge the President and Puntland Government to implement the rest of local elections still outstanding in most districts. President Deni is on the verge of leaving behind a democratic legacy in Somalia that none of his predecessors in recent memory was able to achieve.

To the critics of the election process with regards to potential irregularities, no democratic election is perfect anywhere in the world. What the current administration of Puntland has been doing in holding some district elections is the right step forward to a democratic Somalia. We urge all residents of Puntland to close ranks and support the President’s election efforts.

The newly elected Eyl Council Chairman, the mayor, Faisal Khalif Wacays

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