Afghanistan and Somalia – Common similarities: Tied in cultural extremism

To answer a question put to WDM on the subject, here is our take:

  1. They both host religious radicals and extremists/terrorists.
  2. They are primative societies engaged in dangerous tribal rivalries.
  3. They are ancient people historically.
  4. They are both particularly proud of their cultural heritage that provides moral values for popular resistance against foreign invaders.
  5. Alqaeda Somalia was a branch of Alqaeda at large led by its founders. It is possible that Alshabab might have developed ties with Taliban of late, but there were no historical relationships because there were no movement of people, goods and ideas between peoples. There is no geographical proximity between the peoples of these countries and have little historical ties.
  6. Globalization, instant news and the Internet have impact on terrorist networks and their interactions too.
  7. Finally, animosity of these extremist movements towards Western culture, particularly USA, may bring these groups closer together.

All of the above put together means that the peoples of Somalia 🇸🇴 and Afghanistan 🇦🇫 are anthropologically different, therefore we can only talk about common trends in religious extremism in terms of Alshabab, Taliban, Alqaeda, ISIS and other radical groups.

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