October 15, 2019

Now that N&N have successfully disabled all public institutions, including the Parliament and Judiciary, and having most Federal Member States of Galmudugg, Southwest and Hirshabelle irreparably destroyed, it is time for N&N to launch a clandestine operation on how to implement a digital project of stealing people’s votes nationwide through digital fraud in 2020/21.

We have warned the public and covered this N&N policy projection for 2020/21 general election in  previous articles of  Warsame Digital Media WDM. The clandestine registration of voters in most urban centres of Somalia is well underway as it has been going-on for a while with secret registration units or cells operating in all regions of Somalia, including Puntland.

Surprisingly, the Chairwoman of the Federal Electoral Commission, Halima Yarey, was forthcoming to confirm this fraudulent registration project of would-be voters nationwide. Listen to her in the video recording of her most recent interview below.

This is a wake-up call for the members of Puntland Electoral Committee as well as Puntland Government.


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Halima Yarey

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