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  1. Brother Ismail:

    Don’t expect a delicious ‘fruit’ to fall from a ‘Federation’, ‘Confederation’ tree. Instead expect a poisonous DACAR that will continue to divide and eventually erase any form of Somali governance from the Horn of Africa.

    What is needed is the revival and continued pursuit of a UNITED SOMALIA, governed by a Constitution giving more power on social/health/education issues to the 18 regions while the Central Gov looks after defense, foreign affairs, and maintenance and of agreed upon constitution.

    United: we will triumph! Divided: we will eaten one at a time by the hungry crocodiles (YAMM-YAMM and QADAAD-WAYNE)


  2. To elaborate further on this, Ismail, please let me know when you are back for a visit to your (ours) second-home country. I don’t think it will be in the winter🙄
    Ahmed Hamud
    PS. On the other hand, Ismail, don’t be surprised if you sooner than later run into this Canuck old man struddling in one of your favourite Garowe streets.


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