Our older generation had initiated and owned up federalism against great resistance by centraliist forces in Southern Somalia. It was a brilliant leadership with unyielding patriotism.

It is now your turn to own up this great idea of confederalism to continue the struggle and lead the masses to the next stage to reach at truly power-sharing governance institutional stractures for a country known for liberalism and egalitarianism.

Remember, thoughout history of mankind, a great idea is first denied, then ridiculed, and finally accepted as normal and common sense.

Our long struggle have reached the final stage of federalism, confederalism, a type of evolved federalism suitable for Somali traditional culture of freedom, collective decision-making and shared ownership. This is the most suitable system of shared values known for all Somalis in all parts of the country, and among the nomads and farmers, the bulk of the population. It is a governance system that all Somalis could relate to. No dictation from the center or foreign powers- a total liberation of the Somali man and woman in the street or countryside.

Please, meet the challenge of the time. Get out of your comfort zones and embrace new ideas.


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