Garowe April 20, 2019 – The education minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Abdullahi Godax, is increasingly becoming a spoiler in his attempt to undo every achievement by the international donor agencies in cooperation with Puntland Education Sector. The cited minister, in a flagrant violation of the articles of the Federal Constitution regarding the mandate of the federal states on social services in their respective states, has ordered the imposition of draconian ministerial instructions to deny and ignore two decades of experience and expertise of Puntland Education Sector.
Taking cue from so-called Mogadishu Private Education umbrellas, a freelance merchant-owned private schools with multiple and un-unified religious and Arab countries curricula, the minister is trying to discredit the certificates and diplomas awarded by Puntland Education System in favor of ones issued by much lower standard of education in Mogadishu. That is why there is a worldwide outcry these days in the social media by those who are well informed, including former Puntland ministers of education: Hon. Abdi Farah Juxa and Hon. Ali Haji Warsame.

Regardless of the judgement of his predecessors with the Federal Department on the exceptional gains of Puntland Education Sector, minister Godax is adamant to pursue his whims to abuse the authority of his portfolio

Many rational people and observers believe that Minister Godax is a new spoiler coming up in the political scene and threat not only to Puntland’s, but also to Somalia’s Education Sector as well as to many years of hard work, efforts and funding by the donor community in the same sector.
Godax must be stopped before he does more damages to these collective contributions, in some cases, irreversible damages.

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