Garowe, April 10, 2019 – What is happening to FGS officials of PUNTLAND origin these days in Mogadishu?

The Governor of Central Bank, the Federal Police Commissioner, the Director-general of the Defence Ministry, among many others in the rank-and-file of the security forces and multiple Federal departments have been purged and cleansed under a strange campaign of selectively targeting them. Parastatals and independent state agencies of the FGS do not fall within reach of Puntland professionals. Why?
It is not difficult to fathom why this is happening, but there are other reasons as well that you may not have in mind. PUNTLAND State now has neither the voice in Mogadishu or influence in the FGS nor has competent representatives in both chambers of the Federal Parliament as it doesn’t have in the executive as well. There is no one there looking after the interests of PUNTLAND State at all branches of the Federal Government.
This is a reflection of bad policies by PUNTLAND past successive administrations, which failed to apply a common principle of “do no harm” in dealing with the fledgling Federal Government of Somalia.
PUNTLAND leaders’ incompetency aside, FGS is not doing any good favor or benefit for themelves by this campaign of cleansing Puntlanders from the Federal public service – just the copposte, this approach would haunt them later in negotiations on federal arrangements. Today’s Federal Government’s victims from Puntland could become its nightmare tomorrow.
For Puntland government, silence on the arbitrary firing of Puntlanders from Federal Public Service could be treated as derelection of responsibilities and even criminal negligence later.
(Photo: Courtesy to Somali websites, Google; the newly appointed Governor of CBS)

Take a listen to this as well:



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