This is profound understatement of the year. Somalis never learned that choosing untested politicians is the most dangerous risk society could do to harm their nation. It is equally true that those politicians, who have been tested failure could never be allowed to return to politics. This is a chronic problem that supercedes everything else and prevents public accountability in any field of human endeavors in Somalia. This is a troubled country with no remedy possible in the foreseeable future. To fix Somalia’s governance is increasingly becoming like filling up a bottomless barrel. Why on earth we habitually choose unknown new quantities, losers and failures as our leaders? To name names of these real losers in this short article would become problematic because of this culture of impunity for these losers to avoid accountability and through vetting to hold public office.

For heaven’s sake, how a Head of State or Head of Government in his right mind embrace a terrorist leader in government? Who would work with him when he taints his administration with the inclusion of terrorist figures? Even worse is the state of mind of these men in their consideration for selection of Cabinet members. How sadistic and ill-motive it was! Roobow isn’t reportedly alone in this Cabinet selection- they are at least two or more, who have links to the terror group.

What about the incompetence of regional leaders who have no idea of how their societies function, and prone to administrative and political blunders every move they make?

It looks that Somalia is the home of a dystopian society thriving in shameless corruption as a way of life, mediocrity, primative societal existence and permanent disfunction, no matter how much resources and thinking you put into it.

How to fix such problems? Local and national elections are the remedy we are searching for. Do you have an alternative? Democratic and egalitarian nations couldn’t find an alternative to giving power to the people to choose their own leaders.

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