The young, inexperienced and inmature Somali media outlets in various platforms worldwide have exposed themselves to the general public in terms of their lack of any resemblance of objectivity and enthusiasm for spreading lies and misinformation, especially in the past few days. If you look at them from the side of national security and unity, they could be deemed dangerous. Particularly perilous and damaging are their video clips to lie and mislead non-critical minds of the bulk of Somali gullible population.

The current confrontation within the leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia 🇸🇴 has exposed the sinister roles of these media outlets, fanning out the venoms of tribalism and clan hatred. Whether they are the infamously known CBB individuals or equally notorious flame- video internet producers as worst examples, they are disseminating poisons of hate and tribal conflicts. People may not realize that they are the most dangerous public entertainners of our time. They are interested in only their internet public ratings than the well-being and unity of their country of origin (mostly they reside in foreign countries). It looks the phenomenon is unique among Somalis of Internet age. They are bounded neither by professional self-censorship nor cultural ethics. They are tribal wolves on the loose, a new phenomenon of media carnage destroying Somalia 🇸🇴 willingly.

We need to look into this media phenomenon deeper with subject matter research and eventually try to reach out those destructive individuals to discontinue their distabilizing careers.

Read also Abdikarim Hassan’s article carried by WardheerNews.com https://wardheernews.com/somali-media-ethics-truth-and-integrity/


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