I read with interest your publication which I found very useful and on time as Somalia is passing through one of its worst time in history. I also liked the way you have been trying to transmit your publication through social media as today the social media has become the most essential tool to convey messages.

Another style that I liked is your technique of shortening and highlighting the messages. As we know, today Somali habit of reading has become lower than in the seventies and eighties.

For example, I read the article “Private Sharia Courts Have Started Operating in Garowe City”. The truth is the Islamists are everywhere and they have been trying to create a government under a government.

I can say that “you have been saying what I always wanted to say to the public”. Thank you for that.

In the meantime, in some of my publications, I have discussed the colonial intrusion in Somalia. They can found online:

The Historical Context of the Conflict of the Horn
(in Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe, Cold War Fallout: Boundary Politics and Conflict in the Horn of Africa, Haan Associates Publishers, 2000)

Colonial Intrusion and the Somali Resistance
The Collapse of the Somali State: The Impact of the Colonial Legacy. Haan Associates Publishers, 1996, pp.25-55.

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