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This week, as part of Covering Climate Now, a global consortium of 250 news organizations, The Intercept has intensified its climate coverage in preparation for the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York.

As the Amazon burns, the Brazilian government is planning to develop the sparsely populated rainforest with projects such as dams, bridges, and highways designed to attract non-Indigenous settlers, leaked documents and audio reveal. The Baron of Rio Banco project revives the Brazilian military’s ambitions to fortify the northern border and plays on paranoid fears of a “globalist campaign” by environmentalists to undermine the country’s sovereignty. 

Fascist and militaristic reactions to the climate breakdown are on the rise, Naomi Klein writes, and present a likely endgame for climate denialism as our coastal cities sink into the sea, storms intensify, and ever larger portions of the planet become uninhabitable.   

Roger Hodge
Deputy Editor

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