August 22, 2019

By Staff Reporter in Kismayo

The selection of Abdirashid Xidig by Jubland Opposition Group as their candidate for president symbolizes a political victory for Ahmed Madoobe and fatal defeat of N&N strategy of dividing Jubaland community.

Abdirashid Xidig has no any political or moral credibility to represent Jubland. Jubaland opposition has just made poor judgement and irreversible mistake in betting on Xidig.

The political and security fallout from this controversial election, however, will be apparent within the next days and weeks.


I have been watching the entire process of voting in Jubaland controversial election today at Ahmed Madoobe HQ or Side of voting. I hardly saw a single persson smiling or happy in the attending crowd, including the candidates themselves. They all looked like anxious prisoners – it was un-Somali and surreal. There was tremendous tension in the hall, seemingly ready to explode any time.

It was a difficult election never to be repeated in Somali election history.



  1. Hi Ismail Haji Warsame Thank you very much for your welcomed the new president of the Jubbaland State of Somalia Mr Axmed Maxamed Islan who succeeded the election campaign in kismayo.
    Sincerely yours


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