Garowe, April 24, 2019 – Political/democratic space is essential in a free and healthy society to debate on issues without fear of bomb-blasts and acts of terrorism by intolerant and extremist elements, on the one hand, and paranoid and suspicious government of its own citizens and opposition politicians in Mogadishu, on the other.

The opposition politicians in Mogadishu, who incite violence, political non-cooperation by creating an atmosphere of hostility and tension that will eventually lead to a situation where the only venue for political gathering and venue for free debate would become only Nairobi are nuts and irresponsible in the extreme.
That is the unfortunate development and prevailing situation in the Somalia’s Capital City today. Sadly, both sides of the debate are accountable to the unsatisfactory state of affairs. Please stop playing games. Stop madness and childish foil play.

One more thing. To humilate and embarass Somali politicians and professionals in-transit at Mogadishu International Airport is new a height of barbaric acts. Former Somali minister of Internal Affairs, Abdi Farah Juxa, and Writer Faysal Rooble, among other prominent persinalities of Puntland origin, were transiting yesterday through Aden Abdulle International Airport enroute Garowe, when they were mistreated by Immigration Officials there and made to pay unlawful fees, according to the former minister, who talked to us on this Site.

Now, who would guarantee that Hargeisa won’t take transiting passengers off the plane and put them in jail?

Some Officials from Somalia’s Federal Government, who declined to identify themselves because they were not authorized to speak on the issue, however, said that the cited politicians and personalities were traveling on foreign passports with the intention to get transferred to a local flight to Garowe, and as such, they would have to go through normal immigration procedures as they had entered Somalia.


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